<IVC – InVisibleCities 在看得見的城市> 是一個致力於分享城市創新的開放社群,成員來自不同城市、不同專業領域,一同對城市發想並分享洞見。過去城市中看不見的情感、記憶、互動,現在我們有機會看見了— 借助於城市數據的興起,我們得以進行全局、宏觀、理性的分析,但不忘以人為本、微觀、感性的關懷,在看得見的城市裡共同探索、發想、倡議。

“IVC – InVisibleCities” is an open community advocating urban research and innovation. Members from different professions, cities and regions share the same enthusiasm on cities and exchange creative ideas on urban living. In cities where the invisibles—emotions, interactions, flows, memories, etc. — had now becoming visible via urban data, we are now empowered to better understand our cities. We believe that cities are to be seen differently, in the way that is more sophisticated, intriguing, and humane. It is in cities that we discover, we engage, and we innovate.



TAIPEI– Roy Lin, Chiayu Hsu, Hsiao-Yun Tseng, Hao-Che Hung, Chia-Ching Yen, Wei-Chih Huang, Eating Cho, Shu-Chen Lin
SHANGHAI– Liu Xiao, Artao, Feeling, Gu Ching, Coco, Cy Chang, Zho Ran